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marybp_photo Mary Pietrowicz
Senior Research Scientist
Applied Research Institute 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
marybp@illinois.edu, marybp@gmail.com
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I study human expression in the context of health, wellness, and creativity. My research explores expression-driven systems with the following four goals: 1) discovering how people perceive and produce human expression, 2) exploring new machine models for human expression and embodied interaction, 3) exploring relationships among human expression, creativity, and mental and physical wellness, and 4) validating the resulting research results in the context of novel applications.

I focus on applications and systems which enhance a person’s creative or expressive capabilities, enable novel human interaction with physical systems, or promote health and wellness by leveraging the bidirectional relationship between human wellness and embodied signals, particularly with respect to speech and language. I’m interested in all modalities of human expression; however, much of my work has a sonic, linguistic, or kinetic element. I believe that these modalities are under-explored in comparison with the visual realm. I’ve also had training in music and interactive art, and see many opportunities for interdisciplinary discovery and creative collaboration between scientific disciplines and the arts. See my research page for details about my projects, and see my interactive art page for a summary of my creative projects.

I worked in industry and academia on various research and development projects for over 20 years before returning to school to study for my PhD. See my CV for project highlights and a summary of my work history.

Contact me at marybp@gmail.com or marybp@illinois.edu.

Selected Publications

Mary Pietrowicz, Carla Agurto, Raquel Norel, Elif Eyigoz, Guillermo Cecchi, Zarina R. Bilgrami, and Cheryl Corcoran, ” A New Approach for Automating Analysis of Responses on Verbal Fluency Tests from Subjects At-Risk for Schizophrenia ,” INTERSPEECH 2019.

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“Special Edition, Using Java,” First Edition, Que Publishing (contributed book chapter), 1996