Literature search for prosody detection

This is another area with (understatement) a lot of research activity.  Easily another 200 papers describing approaches to detecting prosody, focusing on specific aspects of prosody, and application of prosody.  Many easily accessible papers via IEEE and ACM, and another tier of good-looking papers which I will have to (selectively) go and get via the library proxy.  Hunting something down via the proxy can be time consuming, so I’m going to be picky about which ones to get first.  I’ll definitely get the references listed in the grant.

There were a few papers which surveyed the methods of prosody detection (probably a good place to start).  And other papers, which looked at prosody as a multimodal quality (it’s not just voice, it’s also eyebrows, forehead, hand gesture, general body language, etc.), which fits the grant.  And another layer of prosodic processing dealing with emotion, which I like.  About 5 papers from the IEEE library specifically dealt with children.  Some comparison with music (which would be interesting to explore).

Common technical source journals: Speech Communication, Cognitive Neuroscience, Siggraph, Internat. J of Speech Technology, COST, CHI.

A lot of references specifically for autism and prosody.  This patch of papers is less “CS-y” but they focus on prosody problems in autism (defining, testing for, demonstrating, etc).  Most of these references have to be downloaded via library proxy.  Some of these references incorporate music.

I have all of the citations, and many of the papers downloaded.  For the papers not downloaded yet, I’ll get them as I need to explore them further.

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